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The Dullest LiveJournal in the World

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4th February 2015

pandora48sch9:54pm: Cheese
I ate cheese today. It tasted like cheese.

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30th August 2010

lost_in_my_room1:34pm: it's best if you imagine Ben Stein reading this out loud
I have a friend who is planning a wedding. it's her wedding. she's having cupcakes instead of cake. she's also having a dress fitted for her. then she has to decide on shoes. her fiance will not be wearing a dress. he will be wearing something else. he will get cupcakes though. her daughter is getting a new dress too. i assume the kid will also get cupcakes.

when people get married they don't always have cupcakes. sometimes they have normal cake. sometimes they elope and go to Las Vegas. my friend is not doing that. she is getting married where she lives. she does not live in Las Vegas. Elvis lived in Las Vegas. my friend is not marrying Elvis. Elvis is not even invited to my friend's wedding. Elvis will not get any cupcakes.

i can't make it to my friend's wedding either. it's sad. i wanted cupcakes.
Current Mood: dull

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9th July 2010

thisgirliknow11:10am: I miss this journal.

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3rd February 2010

anakalia_grey11:29am: Is working from home dull?
I wish I could live off of alcohol and smoke.

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14th December 2009

twinklefart10:32pm: I'm going to bed.

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15th October 2009

anakalia_grey1:56pm: I'm a loser, baby
My boss wrote "Losers Table" on a piece of paper and taped it to my desk.
Current Mood: I'm a loser

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24th September 2009

eternaldefiance10:16am: Belated.

On September 23, 2009, 1:51 AM EDT, I officially turned 21.

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5th September 2009

autokate1:01am: "Fricassee" is a funny word.
Current Mood: awake

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13th July 2009

abouthipsanck3s2:56pm: Today while Stumbling, I came across this joke from earlier this year.

Because I Stumbled it today, the concept of 2009 being a bad year for Michael Jackson brought many lols.

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28th April 2009

eternaldefiance9:40pm: Stress.
I'm currently holed up in the library.

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22nd April 2009

abouthipsanck3s2:47pm: I am obsessed with Stumbling.
Current Mood: nerdy

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eternaldefiance9:45am: Yuck.
Being sick just before finals week is not a good thing.

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13th April 2009

thisgirliknow9:28am: Happy Ides of April!

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slantrhyme5:40am: Nasty.
In all my rage and stress, I killed a cockroach by squashing it with the nearest thing within my reach...a door mat.

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11th April 2009

wednesdaystars1:07pm: I would like to go roller skating today. I haven't roller skated in years...and years...

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9th April 2009

abouthipsanck3s8:34am: Last night I Rick Roll'd a bar.

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6th April 2009

wednesdaystars11:40am: weeeeeird dreams: one about the perfect paintbrush; one about my sister and I (when we were, like, seven and ten respectively) hanging out with the kids I babysit (who are those ages). I hadn't drawn in a while so now I'm drawing. I have no idea what the other one could possibly mean, other than my sister and I are pretty similar to the kids. fail fail fail.

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2nd April 2009

abouthipsanck3s4:43pm: I will kill my coworker if he continues to play the smooth jazz station at his desk. I thought KIIS was repetitive, but this is ridiculous.
Current Mood: annoyed

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30th March 2009

abouthipsanck3s9:10am: I am freezing.
Current Mood: freezing

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28th March 2009

eternaldefiance10:20pm: Final Four.
I love Villanova basketball. Seriously.

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22nd March 2009

wednesdaystars10:08am: i have lost my favorite nail polish, which is ridiculously distressing. seriously, i am distressed, and ashamed about being distressed.

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21st March 2009

thisgirliknow11:15pm: I know who dies on Desperate Housewives.

I am mad at ohnotheydidnt for giving it away.

Warning: Spoilers in the comments

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17th March 2009

eternaldefiance9:10am: College life.
Registration for classes next semester begin this week.
The NCAAs will also begin this week.

I loathe registrations 'cause all the classes i want get filled up, but the NCAAs totally make up for it.

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12th March 2009

abouthipsanck3s1:34pm: gross
The zit on my chin is not ready.

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10th March 2009

fhoshingin10:46pm: Nerds
I like nerds.
Both the intelligent dorks and the tiny, tangy, crunchy candy.
Current Mood: sweet

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