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it's best if you imagine Ben Stein reading this out loud

I have a friend who is planning a wedding. it's her wedding. she's having cupcakes instead of cake. she's also having a dress fitted for her. then she has to decide on shoes. her fiance will not be wearing a dress. he will be wearing something else. he will get cupcakes though. her daughter is getting a new dress too. i assume the kid will also get cupcakes.

when people get married they don't always have cupcakes. sometimes they have normal cake. sometimes they elope and go to Las Vegas. my friend is not doing that. she is getting married where she lives. she does not live in Las Vegas. Elvis lived in Las Vegas. my friend is not marrying Elvis. Elvis is not even invited to my friend's wedding. Elvis will not get any cupcakes.

i can't make it to my friend's wedding either. it's sad. i wanted cupcakes.
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